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Are you searching for the most cost effective Satellite communication solutions? Do you need to save your bandwidth and maximize your data rate?  You've came to the right place! Satwave Technologies Inc. (STi) analyzes and uses up-to-date resources in order to bring you the customized solution to meet your budget and your system requirement. Just to mention a few, our company has system solutions and suppliers in the United States, Israel, Canada, South Korea, Australia, and UK to bring you the international solutions that are customized to your needs. The talented RF engineers will integrate your system with the highest quality products with minimal or no down time.

STi is truly a global company that knows no boundaries. STi has the remedy to your specific problems.  We have qualified RF engineering teams standing by around the clock to probe your specific communication problems. Our "can do" attitude and company's financial stability will be part of your successful business stories. We strive in providing courteous services with the highest quality products available today. Let us be your partner in RF systems integration. If we don't have your solution, we will search until we've reached at the end of the globe to find the right solutions for you. Please take a moment to browse rest of the sites.


STi is YOUR Broadband Solutions Company and Your Ideal Partner In SatCom Systems Integration.  Thank you for visiting.


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